Why Mr. G.K.Singh


Year after year some of the best performens in Delhi credit their excellent marks to my absolutely distinct and innovative technique of teaching. I have been consistensy producing 95% scores in Maths over the years In fact I have produced around 20,100% school toppers of maths from renowned public school of Delhi as SPV,DPS (RKP), DPS (VK), Springdales,MIS ,Gyan Bharti,BVN,Airforce Balbharti,Sanskriti ,Modern School and of many more. Numerous parents have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to me and thanked me from the core of their heart for making their children realise their dream.


1.Mr. R.P. Agnihotri(Marketing Manager) “I pray to God to gift me a teacher like you every time I take birth”.

2.Mr.D.K.Gupta (C.A): “We will remain ever be holden to you for making my son attain such a big height”.

3.Mrs.Sheshadri(Scientists): I am indeed thankful to you making my daughter obtain such excellent marks”

4.Mrs.Arvind Kumar (Lieutenant General):”All credit goes to you”.

5.Dr.Ranbir Kumar (Joint Director Parliament)”We truly owe to you an we could never think of eve in distant dreams and many more. Heart with unbounded joy, and gladdened me beyond measure by the putting in their sincere, serious and honest effort and thereby scoring excellent marks. Truly speaking it is they who deserve credit and not I. I always flatter myself with belief that all magic & miracle lies in the hands of students. A teacher is simply a guide ,a torch bearer.Finally it is upto the students to act on and deliver.

Special Features :

  • 1. Absolutely distinct & Innovative technique of teaching.
  • 2.Due emphasis on development of rudimentary Concepts.
  • 3. Regular weekly test on Sundays free of charge.
  • 4. Focus on development of interest in the subject.
  • 5. Brain Teasers provided for every chapter for exceptionally good command over the subject & enhancement of potentiality to the extremity.

Spl.Note :
Always bear in mind the following principles.

  • (A) Work is worship.
  • (B) Do or Die
  • (C) Everything is had at a price.
  • (D) It is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration that counts.
  • (E) Genius are not born they are made.

Free Education

  • 1 .Free Telephonic doubt Clarification.
  • 2 .Free Demo Class .
  • 3 .Typical and Challenging Problems Provided For enhancement of potentiality to the extremity.
  • 4 .Surpripe tests at frequent intervals